Sunbury- Winter Shelter is 100% run by volunteers, how great is that?

Without dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers we could not open our doors to our guests, so thank you for checking out this area.

Love Like Jesus (Matthew 25: 35-40)

Volunteers should be 18 years or older.  A Working with Children Check (WCC) is used as a background check, even though children will not be at the Winter Night Shelter.  A personal reference is also useful to ascertain suitability to a certain role.  Volunteers from churches and the community will be welcome. Volunteers are encouraged to work in any church according to their availability, not just the church they attend.   Application forms are available from our website, Project Coordinator, and are usually available at a SWS venue.

All volunteers are required to read and sign a Volunteer Agreement and attend volunteer training.  (The welfare and safety of our volunteers is paramount).

Volunteer Roles:

Venue Coordinator

  • Represent the venue at Steering Committee meetings
  • Promote SWS and recruit suitable volunteers within their church community
  • Assist the Project Coordinator or delegate screening and rostering volunteers
  • Oversee the activities of the SWS at their designated venue
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are strictly adhered to
  • Ensure there are enough volunteers for each shift and the volunteers are aware of the layout of the venue (or delegate to Shift Leader)
  • Identify shift leaders from the church volunteers
  • Prepare the venue
  • Ensure provisions are available and sufficient to prepare meals and clean venue before use (advise Project Co-ordinator of any shortfall)
  • Lead and brief the team, allocating jobs and giving vision to Shift Leader
  • Receive the guest list and book guests into the venue
  • Be vigilant about maintaining and keeping secure the Log Book and ensure it is passed on to the next venue
  • Action any incident reports as required, monitor and report information to the  Project Coordinator
  • Remain contactable throughout the time that the venue is being used

Shift Leader

Each shift should have an appointed Shift Leader.  This may be the Venue Coordinator or another volunteer.


  • Allocating jobs to volunteers and ensuring the volunteers are aware of the venue layout.
  • Making key decisions when other volunteers are unsure of the best course of action.
  • Supporting volunteers where necessary in responding to guests.
  • Arrange handover between shift leaders.
  • Liaise with the Venue Coordinator and Project Co-ordinator if necessary.
  • Be vigilant about maintaining the Log Book.  All volunteers must be signed in, and any incidents must be recorded.

Shift Worker

Volunteers must be rostered according to their availability and could work at whichever venue is hosting the SWS that night.


  • Record your details in the Log Book on arrival, and wear identification (first name only)
  • Assist in unpacking and packing up of venue.
  • Assist in cleaning the venue before and after guests have attended.
  • Assist in the preparation of meal and drinks.
  • Engage with, support and help guests feel welcome.  Familiarise new guests with venue facilities.
  • Learn names of guests.
  • Take responsibility for health, safety and welfare of self and others.
  • Be aware of and assist in evacuation procedures if required.
  • Assist in conflict resolution if necessary.
  • Follow the instructions of the Shift Leader and report to them any incidents as soon as possible.

Kitchen Helpers

Each church partnering with Sunbury-Winter Shelter as a venue will be responsible for providing meals (and their cooks will need to register and attend volunteer training).  Some smaller churches may need additional volunteers to assist them.  If you are interested in volunteering as a cook or cook’s helper, please complete the volunteer form and your details will be given to the appropriate Venue Coordinator.  The evening meal is served at 6.30pm or earlier and the maximum number to cook for will be between 10 and 16 (inc. volunteers) and will be confirmed to the Venue Coordinator each afternoon.


  • Either purchase or use food provided to cook a healthy meal.
  • Follow the Food Hygiene Policy and procedures.
  • Arrive at the venue at 5.00pm; please contact the Venue Coordinator if you require earlier access.  Serve meal at 6.30pm or earlier.
  • Guests and volunteers are responsible for cleaning up.
  • Once the kitchen is cleaned, you have the option of leaving the venue or staying on to be with the guests (the Venue Coordinator will assess if this is appropriate with regard to the guest: volunteer ratio).


Drivers are needed for two roles:

  • To pick up guests in the minibus from the central pick up area and drive them to the SWS venue at 5pm.
  • To move the trailer from one venue to another during the daytime (after 9am and before 5pm)
  • No special licence is required for the minibus (hopefully the Community minibus garaged at Sunbury Baptist Church will be available).  Drivers must be 25 years or over, and experienced in driving a manual transmission.  A Working with Children’s Check is required, as well as attending volunteer training.  Drivers moving the trailer will need to have a tow bar and be willing to use their own vehicle.

Laundry Person at each venue

  • To wash doona cover and other bed linen, towels etc. if a guest has stayed at the venue and is not staying the next evening or has used the linen 5 days.
  • Guest’s second bed linen bag will be available in the trailer.
  • Ensure health and safety by using gloves when handling the linen.
  • Please use laundry detergent supplied to each venue.
  • Please wipe interior of bedding bag with a disinfectant wipe.
  • The linen is returned to the trailer the next time the venue is utilized as a shelter venue.

Volunteer safety is paramount – volunteers should observe the health and safety requirements listed in the Volunteer Handbook.

Volunteer Training – a training workshop is compulsory for anyone who would like to volunteer for Sunbury – Winter Shelter.  If possible the training will also be available on YouTube for those who are unavailable on the scheduled day.