This is in addition to a hot meal, friendship, a place to charge a phone and other support as required. It is a move that is very much dependent on attracting at least three volunteers every night to man the overnight shifts at each of the six venues. Why not check out Volunteer Roles while you’re visiting our website?

For assistance with food or urgent expenses:
CareWorks (Tuesday & Thursday 10am – 3pm) 9740-5061
The Salvation Army (Mon, Wed and Fri. 9.30am – 2pm) 9744-2095
Vinnies (Monday – Friday) 1800 305 330
For accommodation assistance:
VincentCare Glenroy (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm) 9304-0100
After Hours Crisis Service (5pm – 9am M-F, 24hr W/ends & Public Hols.) 1800 825 955
For Personal assistance:
Coronavirus Hotline 1800 675 398
Lifeline 13 11 14

Our Mission

Sunbury Winter Shelter’s mission is to provide refuge for homeless people where they may find meals and a place to sleep and to co-ordinate the participation of the combined Sunbury church families and the community in the provision of refuge and sanctuary.

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What we do

Provide shelter for homeless people in our community. Provide care, food, fellowship and rest. Provide an opportunity to nurture understanding between the church communities and the guests. Support guests who need encouragement to work towards independent accommodation.

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Our Background

Sunbury-Winter Shelter began in 2019 with five churches offering to host our guests with their venues as refuge and sanctuary. The program was an overwhelming success with over 164 wonderfully enthusiastic volunteers attending our first training day on 4 th May 2019. It was a fantastic experience.

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Acts 20:35 “By everything I did, I showed how you should work to help
everyone who is weak. Remember that our Lord Jesus said, More blessings
come from giving than receiving”.